How to get more days off

Do you wish you had more days off? Are your trips always rushed? Do you have to choose between traveling and visiting your family?

If you get a fixed number of vacation days per year, you might think that’s it. Nothing you can do about it. Too bad. Maybe you’ll get some more vacation days when you get promoted, or when you find a better job, someday.

You can take a different approach, though. If you want more days off, how about taking unpaid leave instead?

Of course, vacation days—paid leave—are strictly better than unpaid leave. But an extra day off might be a lot more valuable to you than the money you’d earn that day, especially if you make good money.

If you want extra days off, have you asked your boss, manager, or HR?

If not, why not? Are you worried about them reacting poorly? Do you feel that you need the money?

If what you really need is rest, a break, or simply more free time, unpaid leave might be a great option for you.


— Peter

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