Why marketing a vegan restaurant is easy

I’m on a trip to Tenerife, a sunny island in the Canaries.

And when I travel, I seek out vegan restaurants.

I’ve been vegan for a while now. Many restaurants have a vegan option or two, but when I go to a fully or mostly vegan restaurant, I have way more  options and I’m more likely to find healthy food that I like.

I’ve noticed that almost all vegan restaurants, here and in other places I’ve visited, have great food at solid prices and have plenty of business. Why is that?

If you’re starting a new restaurant, you could cater to the masses of tourists. But then you’d be competing with dozens, if not hundreds of restaurants, and your customers would have a hard time knowing why they should choose your restaurant over your neighbor’s restaurant.

If you start a vegan restaurant, though, people will come find you. I and many other vegans will look on Happy Cow and make our way across town to seek your restaurant out.

You won’t get as much business from people just walking by, but you don’t need to.

Catering to a very specific group of people makes your marketing easy. 


— Peter

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