Don’t accept interruptions

While you’re working, do you:

  • Receive notifications on your computer or your phone?
  • Have coworkers stopping by to chat?
  • Browse Facebook or news websites when you get bored?
  • Check your email several times an hour?
  • Get unexpected phone calls?

Interruptions will destroy your ability to do complex tasks.

I believe you can get as much good work done in two focused work hours as in eight continually interrupted hours.

Maybe you’ll even get more done when you work for two hours without distraction.

And I think we all know this. It feels frustrating when we’re in the middle of a complex task and someone stops by with a seemingly innocent question. It might take us 15 minutes to get our head back into the task we were working on.

So what are you doing to ensure that you get uninterrupted work hours? And what will you do with six extra hours a day?


— Peter

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