How to tell whether you need a break

Have you been feeling stressed, rushed, or busy?

Stress, rushing around, and busyness can preoccupy us so much that we don’t notice how tired we are and how badly we need to rest.

The other day, a friend told me that he thinks he is approaching a burnout. I’m so glad he realized this, because burnout can be debilitating. (If you often feel stressed, check out my list of burnout symptoms to see whether it might make sense to speak with a professional.)

I suggested that my friend spend a day at a spa, which is a great way to unwind, especially after a busy period at work. He said he did just that recently, and it wasn’t until he was there, doing nothing at all, that he realized how exhausted he was.

So if you’re chronically rushing about, I encourage you to schedule some downtime, soon. Go to the spa, to the beach, to a theme park, or to any other relaxing place. Once you’re there, maybe you’ll find that you are in fact quite tired and that you need a break.


— Peter

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