How I organize my projects


This is an old post.

I have since created an entire course on setting up and using OmniFocus 3 to get stuff done. Check out the free preview:

Long-time readers know that I keep my projects well-organized using OmniFocus.

I also do a weekly review to make sure I know the status of all of my projects and to make sure I know the next action step for each project.

If you experience a lot of stress in your work, or your attention is all over the place, then organizing your projects might relieve a lot of stress for you. Bringing some order to your projects can help you prioritize your work, can help you focus on one task at a time, and can help you avoid procrastination.

Now, if that all sounds terribly formal, don’t worry. I keep my project management light-hearted and don’t take it too seriously. 

If you could use some help organizing your projects, though, here’s how I organize mine:

  • Business
    • Admin (e.g. file taxes)
    • Marketing (e.g. post about 30-Day Creator Challenge on social media)
    • Relationships (e.g. schedule coffee with another entrepreneur)
    • One-off projects (e.g. write 30-Day Creator Challenge emails or preparing for a podcast appearance)
  • Client projects
    • One project for each client, containing items such as preparing for calls or sending follow-up emails
  • Personal
    • Fun (e.g. look into taking a workshop on a certain subject)
    • Health (e.g. meditation or get vaccination booster)
    • Home (e.g. buy groceries or test the fire alarm)
    • Learning (e.g. take online course on shooting videos with a smartphone)
    • Personal finances (e.g. pay taxes)
    • Personal relationships (e.g. schedule drinks with a friend)
    • Volunteer work (e.g. prepare presentation)
    • Wishes (reminders to wish people a happy birthday, anniversary, etc.)
    • One-off projects (e.g. learning to lead climb or finding a new apartment)
  • Trips
    • A one-off project for each trip (current planned trips are a trip to Tenerife with a friend, a trip to Turkey with my girlfriend, a trip to Fontainebleau with a different friend, and a road trip to several U.S. National Parks, also with my girlfriend)
  • Project templates
    • Packing list (Having your own packing list is awesome! It helps you pack faster and ensures you won’t forget an important thing for your trip.)
    • Onboard a new client

Has my list inspired you to organize your projects a little differently? Do you think I’m missing anything?


— Peter

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