Got high expectations?

Do you have high expectations of yourself, too?

If so, you and I are screwed.

In particular, we’re screwed because we continually have to navigate between two unpleasant experiences: guilt and stress.

On the one hand, if we don’t get much done today, we might feel guilty because we could have worked harder.

On the other hand, if we work too much, we might experience stress because we’re not giving ourselves the rest we need.

How we deal with this on any one day might not produce much guilt or stress, but how we deal with the balance day in, day out matters a whole lot.

I find the balance between guilt and stress one of the trickiest balances to navigate. I also find that it helps to pay attention to the signals that your body and mind send you, and adjust accordingly. (Also known as: mindfulness.)

But maybe you have a better tactic than I do.

How do you try to meet your high expectations while keeping guilt and stress at bay?


— Peter

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