Cut out guilt-trippers

This morning I was reading an article that popped up on one of my social media feeds. 

It’s titled, “Successful people do these 8 things each weekend”.

YIKES. Let’s list some things that are wrong with such articles:

  • No definition of “success”
  • No acknowledgment that people’s definitions of “success” vary
  • Obviously not true (Does the author really believe that all successful people do these things every weekend? Come on.)
  • Makes you feel bad for not doing these things (FOMO)
  • Is generic; doesn’t take into account what you need

I could go on.

Of course healthy habits can make your life better. For example, I encourage everyone to meditate. But if you don’t want to, that’s cool. You can be perfectly happy and “successful” (however you define that) either way.

So who is guilt tripping you? Do you listen to people (online or offline) who make you feel bad for not doing X, Y, or Z? If so, cut those people out of your life!

Experiment to figure out what makes you feel good. If it’s the eight things in that article, great. If it’s something else, that’s great too. 

Get inspired by others? Yes. Listen to people who claim to have the only answer? No.


— Peter

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