A grain of salt

Yesterday, we talked about reducing feelings of guilt when you feel like you didn’t get enough done on a particular day.

If you’ll recall, I shared a little tip, but I warned that it may not work for you.

When you learn of a solution to a specific problem, you might want to share it with the world. But when you offer advice, context is everything.

Yesterday I suggested that if you often feel like you “didn’t do enough”, then doing a small thing that makes you proud every morning can help. And I emphasized that this is probably a bad idea if you already feel overwhelmed.

On most topics, you can find conflicting advice. How can you know what will work for you? It depends on your situation.

So take people’s advice, however well-meant, with a grain of salt.


— Peter

P.S. How do you handle the feeling of “not having accomplished enough”?

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