Stop working for The Man; it’ll be good for everybody

When you stop working for The Man and start doing your own thing, that’s good for everybody.

It’s good for your family. You can spend more time with them. If you have kids, you can get to know them better and teach them more. 

It’s good for your neighborhood. You might end up spending a lot of time in coffee shops, getting to know people and boosting the local economy. 😉

It’s good for the city. You won’t commute during rush hour, which lessens the load on the city’s public transportation or on the roads.

It’s good for the planet. You commute less. 

It’s good for your customers/clients. You can deliver a top-notch product or service to the people you serve, without worrying about corporate bureaucracy or what your boss will think.

Finally, it’s good for you. You develop new skills. It’s less stressful (if you do it right). You have more free time. You can earn more (by selling your value and not your time). You have more opportunities to meet people. And, most importantly, you gain autonomy.

So what are you waiting for?


— Peter

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