A quick and simple way to get a grip on your work

There’s a ton of work on your plate. You’re losing track of everything. Gah!

It’s tough to focus when you feel overwhelmed. Thoughts about all the other stuff you want to do will distract you.

If you take a moment to make sure you’re working on the right tasks, you’ll be less distracted and you’ll feel more confident. You’ll be able to give each task your full attention and you’ll get more stuff done in the end.

Here’s how to get a grip on your work in 15 minutes.

First, grab a piece of paper and divide it into two columns:

  1. Things you definitely won’t get to today.
  2. Things you might get to today.

Then do a brain dump. Put all tasks you can think of in one of these columns.

Now, focus on the tasks you might get to today. Does it make sense to delegate any of these tasks? If so, mark these tasks (with an arrow, with 😏, with a stick figure—whatever works for you).

You’ll probably have some tasks left. Identify the top three tasks that you want to work on today. Mark them priority number one, number two, and number three. Leave the other tasks be for now.

Now, take a few minutes to delegate the tasks you’ve marked for delegation. By this point, you’ll have a better grip on your work.

Then, get to work on priority #1. After you finish your three top priorities, simply mark the next three priorities and get going on those.

Or, you know, call it a day and allow yourself some rest. 🙂


— Peter

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