Maybe you gave up too soon!

So, it didn’t work out. You failed. You badly wanted it, but you didn’t achieve your goal.

You’re not cut out for this. This isn’t your thing. You should focus on other things, the things you’re already good at.

What if that’s all a big pile of bullshit?

What if you simply gave up too soon?

What if you could have had the exact result you want, if only you’d kept trying for longer? What if you had been more patient? What if you had just kept on trucking?

Your brain, just like everyone else’s, is capable of neuroplasticity. You can learn to get good by trying over and over and over again.

Consider that your failure might not be because you simply suck at this, or because you didn’t try hard enough, or because you don’t have “it”.

Consider that it might be, simply, that you gave up too soon.

And if you did give up too soon, what will you do about it?


— Peter

P.S. How do you figure out whether you quit too soon? Let’s talk about it in a free discovery call.

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