The fun list

How often do you try out new things just because they seem fun?

I hope you’re doing lots of fun things on a daily basis, whether that’s at home, at work, with friends, with family, or in some other way.

But how often do you try out something new that might be fun? (Or might not be—you’d have to try it to find out?)

For example, the first time I did an escape room with a group of friends, I loved it. It’s a real-life and real-time puzzle that involves some strategy! It’s hard to come up with something that suits my interests better. 😍

It’s easy, though, to stick to doing what you already know is fun. For instance, I love bouldering, so if I want to add more fun to my life, I can go bouldering three or four times a week instead of twice a week. But I find that I have more fun and that I’m happier when I try out new things once in a while, to keep life fresh.

To remind myself to try out new things now and then, I use a fun list. Whenever I think of something that sounds fun to try, it goes on the list.

Here are some things on my fun list:

  • Join a Toastmasters session
  • Record a podcast episode
  • Meditate for two hours straight
  • Live stream a video to my audience
  • Take a lead climbing course

Well, to be precise, I already joined a Toastmasters session. It was awesome, so I’ll attend another one. And I’ve actually already signed up to join a local Toastmasters club as a regular member.

I may not get to the other things any time soon—who knows. But when I feel like experimenting with something new, all I have to do is to take a look at the list and pick whatever sounds most appealing.

What’s on your fun list?


— Peter

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