Weekly review cheat sheet

As you move through your days and weeks, inevitably your task manager will become messy.

This is true whether you’re using advanced software, not-so-advanced software, or pen and paper.

You’ll add tasks without sorting them appropriately or marking deadlines. You’ll complete a task, but forget to mark it as complete. You’ll take on a new project, but forget to write it down. And of course deadlines and project requirements can change. In short: your task manager gets out of sync with reality.

To stay on top of your tasks and projects, do a weekly review.

In a weekly review, you make sure your task manager is up to date. You bring your system back in line with reality. You take a look at all of your projects. And you prioritize.

So how do you execute a weekly review? I use an efficient and effective nine-step process—and I’m sharing it with you in this cheat sheet.

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