Your work should make you feel good

I was a guest on a podcast today and the host asked me how I got into coaching. So I spoke about my background as a corporate consultant.

I mentioned that my job in litigation consulting didn’t generate warm and fuzzy feelings. The company I worked for helped other companies—often very large ones—win litigation. There are more details to it than that, but the gist is that I helped big companies save money.

There was no motivation for me there. I delivered great work because I took pride in my work and in myself—not because I cared about our clients’ success. I cared about our clients to the extent that I wanted to deliver on our promises, but it’s not like I was happy when a client saved $10 million. Those savings didn’t make me feel anything one way or the other.

Today, when I coach people, I see changes happening. I see a client go from timid, disorganized, and unsure to confident, efficient, and with a clarity of purpose. And makes me feel good when my clients have success.

My work directly makes me feel good—as well as having obvious benefits for my clients.

Does your work make you feel good? If not, find better work!


— Peter

P.S. I’ll share the link to the podcast episode with you when it gets published.

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