The 30-Day Creator Challenge!

Do you have an itch to create?

Do you dream of sharing what you know through blog posts, videos, or podcast episodes—but do you have trouble putting out content consistently?

Then you’re in the right place!

I’m Peter, and since April 2018, I have been writing and publishing every single day. Doing so has made a huge difference in my life and many people have told me they wish they could do the same.

Now, I would have loved to have some help when I first started putting out my content daily. So I decided to teach you how to put out daily content too. That’s why…

… I challenge you to create and publish content for 30 consecutive days!

(And I’ll walk you through how to do it.)

Now, I hear you

Perhaps you think this sounds really cool! But you have some worries, like:

  • I’ve tried writing/podcasting/shooting videos before, but only did it when I felt inspired
  • I don’t know how to publish content online
  • I never liked what I had, in the end
  • I felt embarrassed to share what I created

These are commons problems and they affect many people. I will teach you how to handle them, so you can spend your time creating, not worrying.

Or perhaps you’re thinking: Do I have time for this?

You’ll need a bit of time every day to participate in the challenge, but not a lot. If you have 15 minutes a day, you can join. Got half an hour? That’s plenty. Got an hour each day? Then you can work leisurely. 😁

After all, we’re not planning to write novels, film movies, or record Hardcore History episodes here! (Just look at the length of some recent Hardcore History episodes to see what I’m talking about.)

Also—you don’t have to create things in English! It can be in any language you like. The goal is to build a habit, not to impress me. 😉

How it works

You can join the challenge any time. The day you sign up, I’ll help you get set up technically—this takes just 15 minutes. Then, the next day will be day 1 of the 30 consecutive days.

You’ll get regular emails from me with instructions, encouragement, and advice. I’ll give you pointers on choosing topics, finding the time to create, staying away from procrastination, and other things that will help you build and maintain a habit of creating.

There are only two rules:

  1. Create something every day for 30 consecutive days.
  2. Share what you create publicly (for example on social media).

Why you should join the challenge

After you complete the challenge, you can expect to:

  • Feel proud of yourself!
  • Have established a kickass habit
  • Have practiced a valuable skill (e.g. writing or recording podcasts)
  • Have learned a thing or two about publishing content online

And who knows, perhaps sharing what you know with others will open up awesome opportunities for you, like it has for me.

Plus, a limited-time bonus

If you join now, you will get free access to my private Slack channel!

That means you’ll have direct access to me. I will help you stay motivated and deal with obstacles as you’re building that habit of creating content regularly.

It’s like getting some of my coaching, but for free! 🙂

And of course, the other people doing the challenge will be in the channel too, so you can get some support from them and be inspired.