Launching tomorrow: the 30-Day Creator Challenge!

I have a challenge for you, reader!

You see, since April, I’ve been writing and publishing daily. (Well, to be honest, some days I post a video instead of an article. But still, every day!)

Lots of you have told me that you are curious how I do this, so I decided to teach you.

And that’s why I made the 30-Day Creator Challenge!

I challenge you to write an article, shoot a video, or record a podcast episode every day for 30 consecutive days… and to share what you made with the world, publicly.

Will you join me?

If you have just 15 minutes a day, that’s enough time to participate. Imagine how proud you’ll feel if you create and share something every day for an entire month.

I’ll be guiding you through the process with regular instructional emails. Plus, there’s a bonus for those of you who sign up quickly…

The challenge launches tomorrow. 


— Peter

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