A commitment to trying

Don’t commit yourself to trying something.

“I love this meditation challenge, Peter. I’ll try to meditate five days a week this month.”

“You’re right, Peter, I should be posting more content to market my business. And I love your 30-Day Creator Challenge. I’ll try to post daily.”

When you commit yourself to trying, you’re giving yourself an easy out:

“Well, I had a really busy day. I planned to meditate for five minutes right after getting home, but then my mom called. I tried, though!”

As Yoda said: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Here’s how you do this: when you commit yourself to something—for example, to create a piece of content every days for 30 days straight—do it regardless of the other things happening in your life.

Yes, it will probably be uncomfortable a few days. Yes, you might have to give up some other thing (calling your mom, watching a show, meeting a friend). And yes, you might decide that it’s not worth giving those things up for this new thing you’re doing.

But decide at the end.

Don’t decide, two days in, that meditating daily apparently isn’t important enough for you. Two days in, you don’t have enough data to make an informed decision! Everything is hardest a few days in.

Let yourself feel the pain. Commit yourself to doing the thing even if it means giving up some other things for a while. And evaluate at the end.

Peter out.

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