Buying motivation

Let’s say you want to start practicing yoga regularly. After all, it’s good for your body and for your mind.

But you’ve got lots of things in your life already. It’s hard to find the time and energy to go to a yoga class. How can you help yourself out a little?

You can buy a membership to a yoga studio.

Once you do, the marginal cost of attending is zero, financially speaking. (You still “pay” with your time and energy, of course.) Because the financial marginal cost is zero, you’re more likely to go than if you’d have to pay €15 for a single class. In the latter case, having to pay would be just one more argument not to go to the class—you could use it as an excuse.

When you buy a membership, you might end up paying more than if you had just paid for individual classes ad hoc, if you don’t go that often. But while there’s a risk that you might spend more, you would also probably go to more classes than if you’d pay per class. You’d essentially be “buying” extra motivation.

What can you pre-pay for to buy some extra motivation?


— Peter

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