Better problems

Let’s say you want to get strong and you choose to lift weights to make that happen. When you begin, you might face these problems:

  • You lack motivation to head to the gym
  • You don’t know which beginner lifting routine to choose
  • You don’t know how to lift weights with proper form

But if you stick with lifting for a year, you might have a whole new set of problems:

  • You enjoy lifting so much that you get antsy on rest days
  • You need to buy new shirts and pants because your muscles are too big to fit in your old clothes
  • You’re getting bored of doing the same lifts all the time

If your goal is to get strong, it’s better to have the second set of problems than the first.

So to measure progress, you can ask whether you have better problems now than you did some time ago.


— Peter

P.S. You know which problems are really awesome? Bouldering problems! If you lack the motivation to head to the gym or if lifting weights is getting boring, try bouldering instead.

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