Being yourself is easy and fun

In the long term, anyway.

Being yourself is easy because you don’t have to filter what you say and do. You can say what you think and you can act the way you want to. It takes less effort.

Being yourself is also fun, because by expressing yourself honestly, you will attract like-minded people. This as opposed to presenting a sanitized version of yourself. That’s what many people do, for example, in corporate environments, and it appeals to exactly no-one.

It can be scary, I know. When you turn off your filters, people can see something much closer to the real you. What if they don’t like this “real you”?

In the short term, you might turn people off and you might lose friends. But in the long term, it attracts people who are a good fit. You end up with many amazing people in your life.

Because being yourself takes a while to pan out, it requires courage, and a belief that it will work out for the best.

Try to summon that courage. You’ll thank yourself for it later.


— Peter

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