How to be nice to yourself

Do you have high standards for yourself?

I do. And if you do too, that’s awesome! Setting the bar high is a great way to continue to grow.

But you can take it too far. What happens when you mess up? Do you accept that you’ll mess up sometimes? Do you blame yourself for not doing better—for not being better?

When you do these things, you develop an unhealthy relationship with yourself. You can really stress yourself out and encourage negative thoughts.

How do you avoid this? Ask:

How would I respond to someone else in the same situation?

Usually, you will immediately realize whether you’re being as nice to yourself as you’d like to be.

If a friend messes up, you’ll probably tell them that it happens. You’ll tell them that they’ll do better next time.

Ask this question and you’ll remember that you can be nice to yourself, too.


— Peter

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