Why you might not be very good at work-life balance

Are you having trouble balancing your work with other parts of your life? Do you find it difficult to consistently do good work, spend time with loved ones, exercise, and pursue your interests?

Sometimes, I find myself working really hard for two weeks, and I neglect the other bits of life. Then, other times, I have a week with a social activity each day, and I don’t get much work done.

This can be frustrating. Can’t we have some consistency?

Perfect balance is a theoretical concept. It isn’t realistic to expect to achieve it. That said:

Balancing the various parts of your life is a skill.

Mastering a skill takes practice. If you’re still young, you might simply need to experiment more and get better at balancing your life. Even if you’re older, there’s probably still lots to learn about creating balanced days that leave you feeling happy.

So if you’re not very good at work-life balance, don’t worry. You probably just need some practice and you’ll get better with time.


— Peter

P.S. I think the term “work-life balance” makes little sense. First, it sounds antagonistic: work versus life! Second, isn’t work part of life, for almost everyone? But I haven’t come up with a better term yet. Do you have a suggestion?

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