An outside perspective

How you view yourself may not be how others perceive you.

You may believe that you’re good at something. But do other people think you’re good at this, too? Or, you may believe that you are really bad at something. But what do others think? Perhaps they think you do a fine job.

It’s much easier to accurately judge someone else’s performance than your own. And this has all sorts of implications. It might mean that your business’s marketing isn’t effective because you’re underselling yourself. It might mean that you don’t think you need to improve a certain skill—but in reality your lack of skill in that area is preventing you from getting the results that you want.

You can improve your understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses in many ways. You could videotape yourself doing things; you could compare your performance with the performance of others in detail; you could try to assess your own performance as you would someone else’s.

Or, you could hire a coach, and supercharge your progress.


— Peter

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